What’s the big deal about Easter, anyway?

(This blog post is written in advance.)

I’ll be working today.
My boss has already announced that we’ll have extra seasonal offers today, which usually means our most prized vps and web hosting packages are even cheaper. And like the vultures approach lots of dead carcasses, our customers approach our store. It wouldn’t be so bad if orders from repeat customers were executed automatically. But sadly, we don’t yet live in a world of automation. Full automation. We already have a bunch of stuff automated. Just one monkey has to sit there and hit a button. One lonely monkey.

I haven’t decided whether after work I’ll go and visit my family, yet. I might. I’m kinda in the mood right now. That might change tomorrow. And again when it’s actually the weekend. No biggie. I have until Friday to decide.

It’s surprisingly hard to find good bunnygirl anime pictures in 4k.

If I pick up Steins;Gate Elite before heading off to my family I might play that on the train. I’ve been playing the original Steins;Gate game on my laptop.