Debian Bug Report #00001

My habit of using the development repository on a stable debian distribution has caught up with me. I did an ‘apt-get upgrade’ on Debian Stretch (with Buster repostories), and it broke my apt.

Whenever I do any apt command now I get the same error message:
apt-get: relocation error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ symbol _ZN3URIcvNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEEB5cxx11Ev version APTPKG_5.0 not defined in file with link time reference

After a little searching around the Internet I found this bug report from the 15th of October of this year, on the Debian development mailing list:

The thread only has two replies (by the same author) but it confirmed my suspicion that it wasn’t just my problem. Apparently the newest version of gcc (7 in Andreas, the authors, case, 8 on my machine) breaks the ABI, and this affects virtually every library.

So I can’t update since I have zero clues how to fix this, but now I know where to check for updates. That’s a little bright light. At the end of the tunnel.

Second Life: End of #Neet-Life – The Second Coming | also: torrent tracker announcement

I’m doing an internship again. This time a bit closer to home, literally and figuratively. The target company in question is in dire need of hotline workers and I can sit at a computer all day and not get bored, so this is perfect for me. The internship started on Monday and will conclude on Friday next week (3/16/18). And I think this time I’ll do all of it and not abort after half of it.

I don’t know that for certain, though, since factors outside of my control (other employees, the boss) could still turn me. But since there are reasonably good chances I’ll get a job after the internship is over, my bank account really hopes that I’ll stick to it.

And if I’d do anything for anyone, it’d be doing this for my bank account. It’s very punished. It got drained dry and then I decided I needed to spent more money. What’s it gonna do, invent a giant shiny money tree to pay for my stupidity? No, no, no. That’d be enabling me, and it’s a good little fella, not an evil enabler.

I think I got a bit off track there.

Anyway, so far so good, the internship is quite interesting up until now. On Monday I was shown most if not all of the tools the hotline people work with, and how they use them. Yesterday I spent all day with one dude trying to figure outfiguring out how to add the newly required checks for the customer’s nagios system. And today I did my first bit of hotline work. And I got to fix up my new torrent tracker, so that’s great as well.

We’ll see what the next 7 days deliver.

If anyone wants to use my tracker to share files, just add udp:// when you create the torrent. It’ll work like a charm. At least it should. Email me at sirconanad [at] cock [dot] li if you’ve got problems. Or email me if you don’t have problems, I’m very lonely, please talk to me.

Sleep Tracking

What’s going on here?
Now, I realise that on the left (Sleep Better) I have 20 minutes more sleep on the counter, but that doesn’t really matter because I wasn’t asleep anymore. I just didn’t want to leave my cozy warm bed. But back to my sleep tracking apps. Sleep As Android (Link) seems to be much better at figuring out how restless I am in bed because there’s no way I just had almost 8 hours of deep sleep. But Sleep Better (Link) isn’t always this bad. I’ve had nights after which it showed me how rough my sleep was. Although, to be fair, it hasn’t been working for the past three days, telling me I didn’t sleep at all. So maybe it just needs more practice and I shouldn’t be so hard on it.