Friday the Thirteenth

This is not about the movie series.
This is about ordinary Fridays and why everybody total nutcases some people totally freak out if the 13th of a month falls on a Friday.
Not that I have much to say. I think the whole concept is stupid. But I haven’t blogged in a while and certain people were shouting at me angrily that I should stop being so lazy and write more often again, and this is the first thing that came to my mind.
I mean, I didn’t do anything today.
I slept until noon, then my cousin called me and had me hold some pipes to the wall and through the wall, then I ate breakfast at 1:30pm (or something), then I listened to a podcast and laid down again, and when that finished I played some Terraria until right before now. (If you know me and/or have interest in playing Terraria with me, hit me up via email or IM.)

Glorious Neet-Life

Today I went to bed at 5am. I slept for six hours and got up at 11am. Without even feeling the hour we lost because of DST. Then I made myself some toast with peanut butter.

Then nine hours passed while I sat in my underpants in front of my pc doing nothing, absolutely nothing, of worth for myself or anyone else.

And just now I ate another two toasts, with liver sausage, which tasted great. I’m gonna have more of that. I need it because tomorrow will be tough.

First, I gotta be up and about before 11am because that’s when I have a meeting scheduled with people that will look at my car and try to fix it. Then I gotta go to my ex-eye-doctor and ask for all the documents they have on me, so I can show them to my new-eye-doctor. And in the afternoon a company will call me up for a phone interview so I have to be ready for that as well. Plus the company where I did that two-week internship also will probs call tomorrow and tell me if they want me or not. Which I’m not really sure if I would take it because they had issues, but a job’s a job. Or rather, money is money.

We’ll see.

Can’t someone just give me lots of money that I could spent over the next 50 years? I promise I’ll keep up my current lifestyle which will make me die at 30, 35 max, so it’s not really a longterm investment.

I’d do (almost) anything to make that dream come true.

Prospects of Neet-Life

I am a neet again. Well, actually, since today’s a Saturday I’ll be a neet on Monday since I don’t have a job, internship or not, to go to, and nobody works on weekends anyway. But I already feel like a neet (it never left my body) again. And it’s great. I only drove to Aldi today, the rest was spent on the computer, and in the shower because I have to do that, I couldn’t go completely filthy, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself.

I mentioned WarGames (1983) recently and I am writing on a post about that, but it’s taking me longer than I thought it would because I love it very much so you’ll have to wait on that.

But other movies I’ll watch in future and maybe will write about if I feel like it that are thematically related to WarGames are: (in no particular order)
– Hackers (1995)
– The Net (1995)
– Track Down / Takedown (2000)[Why multiple English titles?]
– Sneakers (1992)

I’ll also probably rewatch Antitrust aka aka Startup (2001) although I distintively remember me not liking that one. But I don’t remember why so a rewatch is needed to refresh my memories.

My cold has almost left me, I feel, so I will be able to go to the gym on all planned days next week, and that will be good. I hope I’ll stick to the schedule after not being able to do it twice. Frickin’ sneezing and lying in bed, eff you.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but Kevin Mitnick’s book “Ghost in the Wires” is really good and funny. I won’t write about that though. I’ll just recommend it. Go buy the man’s book, he spend five years in jail until he could write it.

Daniel James is a motherfucking genius

In yesterday’s post (Link) I was angry about having to use a white WordPress dashboard. Well, Daniel James has a solution for my problem. It’s called “Dark Mode” and is a dark-themed mode for the WordPress admin dashboard. It can be either set to always be on, or it can be run at specific times, most likely at night. (I’m using it all time because white is cancer.)

10/10 best WordPress plugin, Link is here.

Quickie to fulfill my schedule

1. WordPress has too much white on the dashboard screen. I need a dashboard dark theme. This is killing my eyes.

2. I’m not good enough yet to get a silver dick trophy in HCS with just three girls. I barely made 5k fans, that’s a long way from 25k.

3. I hate that I have been forced into this schedule. This is what happens when you force schedules onto people.

4. If someone wants to send me some or all of David Lightman’s gear in WarGames, feel free to email me.

5. Joshua is a nice name.

6. I hope I will dream about WarGames tonight. Maybe I’ll take another Aspirin, that seemed to do the trick yesterday.