5/10, 4chan is best viewed mobile and HTML can suck my ****

I have suffered greatly but I have made it. The first week of the new internship is over. And today nobody told me that the company closes at 4pm instead of 4:30pm. So this little idiot wasted nearly half an hour in the office when he could have been on the road already.


In other news, I stuck to my schedule and went to the gym again today. And I took the Xiaomi with me, and then I installed Clover, the 4chan browsing app. This was a big improvement to gym life. I’m obviously talking about high-standing boards like /sci/ or innocent sounding ones like /mlp/. I definitely didn’t browse /b/ “pics you shouldn’t share” threads. Not me. I would never do such a thing in public! What would the world think of me? They would go home and tell their partners, children, neighbours, whatever about the weird long-haired bearded young man who watched porn on the treadmill.

And that is why browsing /b/ in public is better than browsing it at home.

I also tried myself at HTML again and wrote a couple of files to port this blog over to HTML-only. WordPress is just too damn convenient for me. If I have to edit the files with vim on the server maybe I’ll put more effort into it. We’ll see. It’s not done by a longshot, and people complain to me when I miss a day so I’ll stick to WP for now.

Mobile Posting like a QT

I am doing something that years ago wasn’t possible and nowadays is considered boring and lame.

I wrote this post on my phone. It’s not as bad as it sounds. First I had to log into my web keepass interface and copy the password (who am I that I should remember passwords?) for WordPress, then I had to go to my blog and find the “Login” link and finally I am writing wrote this post.

Luckily WordPress is pretty user-friendly, otherwise I don’t think I’d be doing this right now.

Did I mention already that I like Zettai Ryƍiki?