Think less,
Verify nothing.

There once was a boy.
He was a little bit weird.
Broke and lonely too.
~schmelle, 2018


I make cake sometimes.
It mostly tastes pretty good.
I like chocolate cake.
~schmelle, 2018

Curious cute cannibalists can cook cleverly.
Brave bright boys bullied bodybuilders before being banned by big bad boss.
An anime adaptation aside are all actually alright again?
~schmelle, 2018


Affection got me nowhere.
Shake my bruised little head for you.
Maritime laws rule.
Reddit can go suck their cock.
~schmelle, 2018

Conforming to traditional haiku format is boring. I need new stimuli.

Soy Milk

I am a soy boy.
Soy milk just tastes much better.
I still like cow milk.
~schmelle, 2018