Buyfaggotry is me again

These past two weeks I’ve been racking up preorders faster than ever before. I’m finally in my element again. And I don’t care if people call it “plastic crap”, to me these are the most beautiful things in the whole wide world.

Sidenote: I will need much more storage space than I currently have, but that’s been a problem since 2016. Nothing that ever stopped me.

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Going with the flow | Christian Bale | I will never part with my figures, they’re my precious

I think I’ve given up trying to change anything. Instead I’ll just let things happen to me. And if nothing comes up, I’ll just do nothing. That is a very easy lifestyle.

Christian Bale is a god among humans, animals, everything, and he should be treated as such.

Also, he’s best live-action Batman. And best live-action Bruce Wayne. And I think I fell in love with Pat Bateman.

I wish I could do the beauty regiment Pat does. Or be in shape as Pat is. Or be close to Pat.

I hate changes, but I love spontaneity. I hate going somewhere without knowing where I’ll sleep, but point me to a cumpster dumpster motel that always has free rooms because the bugs took over and I’ll go anywhere.
In the past I loved just visiting random friends on a whim and kill time like that. I can’t do that anymore.

I started another spreadsheet about my figure collection yesterday night (actually today, early Sunday, but whatever) and I finally realized that I’ll never sell them because they’re way to precious and comforting to me.

The reason why there’s only one cute picture in today’s post is because someone called me out on it, and while I don’t bow to anyone, I wanted to try if this makes any kind of sense. (I think it does not. I think it’s stupid, and my idea was brilliant.)



Lol, creativity == 0.

Compare these two statements:
I have 19 figures (anime-themed) unopened in mint condition in my room right now. They probably worth at least 500 bucks, maybe even ~750.

My bank account is in the red. I'm not selling/trying to sell the figures.

Please help me figure out my life.