Buyfaggotry is me again

These past two weeks I’ve been racking up preorders faster than ever before. I’m finally in my element again. And I don’t care if people call it “plastic crap”, to me these are the most beautiful things in the whole wide world.

Sidenote: I will need much more storage space than I currently have, but that’s been a problem since 2016. Nothing that ever stopped me.

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Mapping a webcomic

Outdated (by unknown user)

Up to date (by me, needs still some refinement)[Oh, my image (maybe (?)) contains spoilers if you’re not up-to-date with the comic.]

I like to read webcomics. A lot. One webcomic that I like very much, and that I read every day because its author is crazy and uploads new strips every day, is Dumbing of Age (Link). In today’s strip one character, Faz, mentions that he is plotting a relationship graph featuring all people he has met so far. (Faz is, in-universe and through other work of cartoonist David Willis, very known for his love for graphs.) The comment section then mentioned that they wished to see Faz’ graph, and one user (“A Nonymous”) linked to the outdated version on the Walkypedia. And this led me to thinking that I could do something with my life and improve upon the outdated version.

It should be noted, before I go into detail about how I went forth, that I didn’t so far scroll down and see if another user has already done this for me. I will do that soon, but first I have to get this blogpost out in time.

So I started very simple: I opened up gimp and created a new document in 1920×1080. Then, already, it started getting repetetive. First I used ‘maim’ to copy the webcomics logo into gimp (well, actually, a script that I use for sharing screenshots (using maim to create screenshots) copies the selected area to my clipboard, and then I copy that into gimp), and then I copied all images from Dumbing of Age’s cast page (Link) into gimp and arranged them accordingly. Then, because I was to lazy to figure out how to do proper lines in gimp, I saved my work in gimp, exported the image, started my Windows 7 vm in virtualbox and put the connecting lines in with paint. It does one job, and it does it (…) fine.

Then I saved that, copied it from the vm to my host system and started to write this post, which I will have finished now before Sunday starts so it counts for Saturday.

Thanks for reading.

HunieCam Studio: A Great Game for Great People (like me!)

HunieCam Studio is a spin-off game to HuniePop, the amazing visual novel I haven’t played yet but will soon once my neet status is freed again from the tyranny of internship employment. Today, though, I will talk (or rather write) about HunieCam, because I’ve been playing it practically nonstop since yesterday.

(I haven’t actually played it nonstop, I had to sleep and go to the aformentioned internship, but I’ve been playing it in my head and scheming how to best manage my very own cam studio company.)

So in my first try I played with the tutorial on, and got way to greedy way to early. As early as day 5 I had four girls, one costing me $32/hour (HOUR?!), and that let to a spiral of me trying to keep up with the daily payments to the girls. As you can probably tell, I was unsuccessful, and the game shoved it in my face by telling me they made it basically impossible to lose.

So that led to me scheming while sleeping, driving to work, sitting at work, eating lunch at work, training in the gym, until I could finally return home and cook myself dinner, still scheming how I would go about it in my second game.

Then, it happened. I started the game, opened a new save file, closed the tutorial, and

At first I thought I was pretty good. I wasn’t immediately going bankrupt, and I kept it slow with the hiring of new girls. But I quickly (at day 6 or 7) realized that, while technically being good I was to slow now, and would never unlock all 8 slots until day 21. I continued with my two favorite girls, Tiffany and Nikki, until day 10, and then I changed my strategy. I employed more girls (cheap girls, I kept it below $8/hour) and sent them all camming so I could earn more cash so I could then upgrade more things.

At day 16 I noticed I hadn’t bought ads yet, which is a really basic mistake. And in this whole game, I only bought one. I didn’t really have the time for more. Micromanagement is stressful. For the girls and for me. Especially for me if the game tells me at day 20 that I only have two days left! Like I didn’t know that! Like I didn’t notice that I was fucked!

But at least I finished it without losing my job as manager of 7 cute anime girls. In the end I panicked and, wanting to earn as much cash as possible, sent half my girls to the sleezy motel to serve as escorts. Without condoms. Unsurprisingly, all of the returned with STDs. None of them had AIDS, thankfully, but still very bad.

Then the game ended, and my cute boss/narrator told me I was shit, and asked me if I left the game on and left the room. I didn’t get a dick trophy, I had just over 800 fans.

But I have learned much from this loss, and my next game will be better, and the one after that even more so, until I get the perfect score of the Diamond dick trophy!

It will be glorious.