Mapping a webcomic

Outdated (by unknown user)

Up to date (by me, needs still some refinement)[Oh, my image (maybe (?)) contains spoilers if you’re not up-to-date with the comic.]

I like to read webcomics. A lot. One webcomic that I like very much, and that I read every day because its author is crazy and uploads new strips every day, is Dumbing of Age (Link). In today’s strip one character, Faz, mentions that he is plotting a relationship graph featuring all people he has met so far. (Faz is, in-universe and through other work of cartoonist David Willis, very known for his love for graphs.) The comment section then mentioned that they wished to see Faz’ graph, and one user (“A Nonymous”) linked to the outdated version on the Walkypedia. And this led me to thinking that I could do something with my life and improve upon the outdated version.

It should be noted, before I go into detail about how I went forth, that I didn’t so far scroll down and see if another user has already done this for me. I will do that soon, but first I have to get this blogpost out in time.

So I started very simple: I opened up gimp and created a new document in 1920×1080. Then, already, it started getting repetetive. First I used ‘maim’ to copy the webcomics logo into gimp (well, actually, a script that I use for sharing screenshots (using maim to create screenshots) copies the selected area to my clipboard, and then I copy that into gimp), and then I copied all images from Dumbing of Age’s cast page (Link) into gimp and arranged them accordingly. Then, because I was to lazy to figure out how to do proper lines in gimp, I saved my work in gimp, exported the image, started my Windows 7 vm in virtualbox and put the connecting lines in with paint. It does one job, and it does it (…) fine.

Then I saved that, copied it from the vm to my host system and started to write this post, which I will have finished now before Sunday starts so it counts for Saturday.

Thanks for reading.