Today I Sketched

I don’t know if that’s the right word, but today I sketched out my dream apartment (the rooms arrangement and everything). I didn’t accomplish much else today, so this is what I’m writing about.

Actually, now that I drew it again using a pencil and a ruler to make it look like I tried at least a little bit I realize I actually just decided how big I want the rooms to be and how I want them arranged.

But that’s good enough for me.

The bedroom: this is the biggest one because both my bed and my desk have to fit into it
The kitchen: I only need a rudimentary kitchen. this is bigger than my current one, though
The bathroom/storage: originally the bathroom was supposed to be as big as the kitchen but as I was re-doing it with pencil I realized doing it like this would be better for the storage room, since 2×2 is nicer than 1×4
The hallway: nothing to say about it really, other than that it connects all other rooms

maybe I’ll try and build this in 3D if I feel like it