The only use for Google Chrome

Google Chrome (and its open source cousin Chromium) is garbage. Not hot garbage. Not sweet, tasty, lovely garbage. No, it’s bitter, twitsted, with sharp edges, an unhealthy obsession with RAM, it’s just garbage. Shitty garbage.

But there is one usecase that I still go back to Chrome. One activity I can’t yet migrate to Firefox, and probably will not ever be able to migrate to Firefox because it’s not something I have any control over.

I use Google Chrome to watch porn. Camsites especially. Like MFC or Streamate. Most camsites still use flash video for streaming, so my barebone Firefox won’t do here. But it’s a hobby I can’t yet give up, and just like that, Chrome rises from the ashes.

It’s younger (or older? I don’t know which came first) cousin Chromium doesn’t properly work on those sites. I checked. It’s garbage.

But Chrome does. And it’s doing a beautiful job at it.