‘member? I got an old WordPress blog still

I recently discovered that I still got access to a web hosting account and the wordpress installation on it from my apprenticeship. And, glorious like wordpress is, the blog automatically updated and is running the latest version. I really don’t get how people get their wordpress installations infected. Like, okay, maybe if you use a plugin that doesn’t get updated very often, and so auto-update would break shit, but the solution there is not to not-update, but not to use shitty plugins which aren’t updated regulary. That’s like internet 101.

The url to this mysterious blog is http://netsh108027.web14.net-server.de/, and I can’t get an ssl certificate for it because that would mean buying one because my previous employer refuses to use let’s encrypt. They also still use their own administration interface, which is still a pain to use, but luckily you don’t have to if all you want is posting stupid shit on wordpress.

I also won’t get a real domain because that would mean fucking around in the aforementioned admin interface and adding a domain to it, and maybe my ex-boss would notice I still have this account and close it then.

Or maybe not. It’s not like it costs him big money or like the blog gets views, it doesn’t. It’s a shitty little wordpress blog like this one.

Pro-tip: If you ever want to google for web hosting sites with said company, just do a “site:web(11-15).net-server.de” and enjoy. Web11 is apparently used by some Japanese folk.

Daniel James is a motherfucking genius

In yesterday’s post (Link) I was angry about having to use a white WordPress dashboard. Well, Daniel James has a solution for my problem. It’s called “Dark Mode” and is a dark-themed mode for the WordPress admin dashboard. It can be either set to always be on, or it can be run at specific times, most likely at night. (I’m using it all time because white is cancer.)

10/10 best WordPress plugin, Link is here.