Friday the Thirteenth

This is not about the movie series.
This is about ordinary Fridays and why everybody total nutcases some people totally freak out if the 13th of a month falls on a Friday.
Not that I have much to say. I think the whole concept is stupid. But I haven’t blogged in a while and certain people were shouting at me angrily that I should stop being so lazy and write more often again, and this is the first thing that came to my mind.
I mean, I didn’t do anything today.
I slept until noon, then my cousin called me and had me hold some pipes to the wall and through the wall, then I ate breakfast at 1:30pm (or something), then I listened to a podcast and laid down again, and when that finished I played some Terraria until right before now. (If you know me and/or have interest in playing Terraria with me, hit me up via email or IM.)

Glorious Neet-Life

Today I went to bed at 5am. I slept for six hours and got up at 11am. Without even feeling the hour we lost because of DST. Then I made myself some toast with peanut butter.

Then nine hours passed while I sat in my underpants in front of my pc doing nothing, absolutely nothing, of worth for myself or anyone else.

And just now I ate another two toasts, with liver sausage, which tasted great. I’m gonna have more of that. I need it because tomorrow will be tough.

First, I gotta be up and about before 11am because that’s when I have a meeting scheduled with people that will look at my car and try to fix it. Then I gotta go to my ex-eye-doctor and ask for all the documents they have on me, so I can show them to my new-eye-doctor. And in the afternoon a company will call me up for a phone interview so I have to be ready for that as well. Plus the company where I did that two-week internship also will probs call tomorrow and tell me if they want me or not. Which I’m not really sure if I would take it because they had issues, but a job’s a job. Or rather, money is money.

We’ll see.

Can’t someone just give me lots of money that I could spent over the next 50 years? I promise I’ll keep up my current lifestyle which will make me die at 30, 35 max, so it’s not really a longterm investment.

I’d do (almost) anything to make that dream come true.

Prospects of Neet-Life

I am a neet again. Well, actually, since today’s a Saturday I’ll be a neet on Monday since I don’t have a job, internship or not, to go to, and nobody works on weekends anyway. But I already feel like a neet (it never left my body) again. And it’s great. I only drove to Aldi today, the rest was spent on the computer, and in the shower because I have to do that, I couldn’t go completely filthy, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself.

I mentioned WarGames (1983) recently and I am writing on a post about that, but it’s taking me longer than I thought it would because I love it very much so you’ll have to wait on that.

But other movies I’ll watch in future and maybe will write about if I feel like it that are thematically related to WarGames are: (in no particular order)
– Hackers (1995)
– The Net (1995)
– Track Down / Takedown (2000)[Why multiple English titles?]
– Sneakers (1992)

I’ll also probably rewatch Antitrust aka aka Startup (2001) although I distintively remember me not liking that one. But I don’t remember why so a rewatch is needed to refresh my memories.

My cold has almost left me, I feel, so I will be able to go to the gym on all planned days next week, and that will be good. I hope I’ll stick to the schedule after not being able to do it twice. Frickin’ sneezing and lying in bed, eff you.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but Kevin Mitnick’s book “Ghost in the Wires” is really good and funny. I won’t write about that though. I’ll just recommend it. Go buy the man’s book, he spend five years in jail until he could write it.

I can’t escape printers.

So today. Today was a special day, wasn’t it. I had been free of carrying printers, cleaning printers, vacuuming printers, dusting off printers and fixing printers for almost three weeks. So what happened today? Well, someone at my current internship had me and another dude deliver 21, yes, you read that right the first time, Twenty-One printers to an educational institution I won’t name since it could probably be used by you haxxors to pinpoint my location, and at said location of said educational institution we had to carry them printers up three flights of stairs, unpack them, put them up, connect them to whoever’s working in the office computer and leave as little dirt in the room as possible, cleaning up behind us.

We had to carry them because the building didn’t have a lift. I don’t know what one of those fuckers weighed but it was too much to do 21 times in a row. It’s good though because instead of using the printers as long as they last, the institution gets new ones every two years as part of a contract with this company (I’m doing the internship for).

So if I end up working there I’ll have to do the same shit like today in two years time. Unless some other poor bastard has come along until then. Fucking Christ.

In more happier news, we were supposed to continue this tomorrow (since we ran into problems today and couldn’t finish) but I’m planned to go to a conference and support two colleagues at the company’s booth, so I won’t have to carry effin’ printers tomorrow. And I’ll be able to sleep longer since I only have to meet up with my collegues at 8am.

That’s still a shitty time to start workin, in my opinion, but it’s better than 7:30am.

I also got my silver dick trophy in HunieCam Studio just now for getting 11k fans until day 21 (here, 21 is kind of a good number, unlike above). I also got the bronze dick trophy automatically at 5k fans. Next up (hopefully next game) will be gold dick (25k), platinum dick (50k) and diamond dick (100k). I have no idea how I should get 100k fans, but I’m up for the challenge.

Just one anime picture today. Firefox won’t load other tabs cause I abused it too much and I had this one still saved in a draft post.

HunieCam Studio: A Great Game for Great People (like me!)

HunieCam Studio is a spin-off game to HuniePop, the amazing visual novel I haven’t played yet but will soon once my neet status is freed again from the tyranny of internship employment. Today, though, I will talk (or rather write) about HunieCam, because I’ve been playing it practically nonstop since yesterday.

(I haven’t actually played it nonstop, I had to sleep and go to the aformentioned internship, but I’ve been playing it in my head and scheming how to best manage my very own cam studio company.)

So in my first try I played with the tutorial on, and got way to greedy way to early. As early as day 5 I had four girls, one costing me $32/hour (HOUR?!), and that let to a spiral of me trying to keep up with the daily payments to the girls. As you can probably tell, I was unsuccessful, and the game shoved it in my face by telling me they made it basically impossible to lose.

So that led to me scheming while sleeping, driving to work, sitting at work, eating lunch at work, training in the gym, until I could finally return home and cook myself dinner, still scheming how I would go about it in my second game.

Then, it happened. I started the game, opened a new save file, closed the tutorial, and

At first I thought I was pretty good. I wasn’t immediately going bankrupt, and I kept it slow with the hiring of new girls. But I quickly (at day 6 or 7) realized that, while technically being good I was to slow now, and would never unlock all 8 slots until day 21. I continued with my two favorite girls, Tiffany and Nikki, until day 10, and then I changed my strategy. I employed more girls (cheap girls, I kept it below $8/hour) and sent them all camming so I could earn more cash so I could then upgrade more things.

At day 16 I noticed I hadn’t bought ads yet, which is a really basic mistake. And in this whole game, I only bought one. I didn’t really have the time for more. Micromanagement is stressful. For the girls and for me. Especially for me if the game tells me at day 20 that I only have two days left! Like I didn’t know that! Like I didn’t notice that I was fucked!

But at least I finished it without losing my job as manager of 7 cute anime girls. In the end I panicked and, wanting to earn as much cash as possible, sent half my girls to the sleezy motel to serve as escorts. Without condoms. Unsurprisingly, all of the returned with STDs. None of them had AIDS, thankfully, but still very bad.

Then the game ended, and my cute boss/narrator told me I was shit, and asked me if I left the game on and left the room. I didn’t get a dick trophy, I had just over 800 fans.

But I have learned much from this loss, and my next game will be better, and the one after that even more so, until I get the perfect score of the Diamond dick trophy!

It will be glorious.

Going with the flow | Christian Bale | I will never part with my figures, they’re my precious

I think I’ve given up trying to change anything. Instead I’ll just let things happen to me. And if nothing comes up, I’ll just do nothing. That is a very easy lifestyle.

Christian Bale is a god among humans, animals, everything, and he should be treated as such.

Also, he’s best live-action Batman. And best live-action Bruce Wayne. And I think I fell in love with Pat Bateman.

I wish I could do the beauty regiment Pat does. Or be in shape as Pat is. Or be close to Pat.

I hate changes, but I love spontaneity. I hate going somewhere without knowing where I’ll sleep, but point me to a cumpster dumpster motel that always has free rooms because the bugs took over and I’ll go anywhere.
In the past I loved just visiting random friends on a whim and kill time like that. I can’t do that anymore.

I started another spreadsheet about my figure collection yesterday night (actually today, early Sunday, but whatever) and I finally realized that I’ll never sell them because they’re way to precious and comforting to me.

The reason why there’s only one cute picture in today’s post is because someone called me out on it, and while I don’t bow to anyone, I wanted to try if this makes any kind of sense. (I think it does not. I think it’s stupid, and my idea was brilliant.)

5/10, 4chan is best viewed mobile and HTML can suck my ****

I have suffered greatly but I have made it. The first week of the new internship is over. And today nobody told me that the company closes at 4pm instead of 4:30pm. So this little idiot wasted nearly half an hour in the office when he could have been on the road already.


In other news, I stuck to my schedule and went to the gym again today. And I took the Xiaomi with me, and then I installed Clover, the 4chan browsing app. This was a big improvement to gym life. I’m obviously talking about high-standing boards like /sci/ or innocent sounding ones like /mlp/. I definitely didn’t browse /b/ “pics you shouldn’t share” threads. Not me. I would never do such a thing in public! What would the world think of me? They would go home and tell their partners, children, neighbours, whatever about the weird long-haired bearded young man who watched porn on the treadmill.

And that is why browsing /b/ in public is better than browsing it at home.

I also tried myself at HTML again and wrote a couple of files to port this blog over to HTML-only. WordPress is just too damn convenient for me. If I have to edit the files with vim on the server maybe I’ll put more effort into it. We’ll see. It’s not done by a longshot, and people complain to me when I miss a day so I’ll stick to WP for now.

tracker port change, fourth internship day, sleep and bad habits

So I changed the port for the opentracker server to :7070 because :6969 seemed a bit to childish in retrospect.
Not that I don’t like it anymore. But I changed it anyways because I also want to be unique. (Now please someone send me an email with examples for existing trackers using port 7070.) The only downside is that right now I can’t connect to the stats page. I’ll have to figure that out sometimes.
Edit: I almost forgot it. The full new tracker url is udp:// Have fun with it.

Today was the fourth day of my new internship, or day nine in the long-running (three weeks) series “End of #Neet-Life”. We had an unemotional five day break there, it’s a very relaxing series so far. And today was no exception: I started at 7:30am and only got up to buy myself lunch, and then left at 16:30pm. I didn’t do very much inbetween because the hotline was very slow today, we didn’t really get any new tickets in. But thanks to my three-year apprenticeship I’m used to doing my own stuff in an office somewhere. Doesn’t really matter where that office is located. The only notable thing would be that I was able to arrange an interview with another company next week while on lunch break. I’ll keep you posted how that goes.

I’ve been doing sleep tracking tracking my sleep since two weeks. I started with just Sleep As Android, then shortly switched to Sleep Better before beginning to use both simultaneously. I like SAA more than SB because it seems to register my sleep better. SB has, on two occasions, told me I didn’t sleep at all when I definitely did. Maybe I didn’t sleep well and my sleep was often interrupted, but I slept and SB is lacking in its consistent capability of detecting that.
But back to the important part, the tracking: Sadly I don’t have complete data for the last 14 days with SAA. I missed the 22nd as well as the 28th. Both times I tried to see if running two sleep trackings apps is a thing my phone can’t handle (I use a Xiaomi Redmi 4a.) The gathered evidence suggest heavily that SB is the problem, not the phone. What follows is a short table of when I have data. (This will be expanded in a longer post some time later.)

Sleep As Android Sleep Better
22/2/18 Not Available
23/2/18 Not Available
Not Available Not Available
25/2/18 Not Available
26/2/18 Not Available
27/2/18 Not Available
Not Available Not Available
1/3/18 1/3/18
2/3/18 2/3/18
3/3/18 3/3/18
4/3/18 4/3/18
5/3/18 5/3/18
6/3/18 6/3/18
7/3/18 7/3/18
8/3/18 8/3/18

I actually started tracking my sleep with Sleep Better on the 24th of February with the free version of Runtastic’s app. After Sleep Better didn’t track my sleep on the 28th I de-installed the free version and installed the paid version from an unlocked .apk I found on the internet for free. However I forgot to screenshot the results of what I had tracked and so I lost that data.

I’ll post screenshots of all my tracking on a different day. I have to go to bed now. And don’t worry, I’ll track it.

I’m not writing about bad habits today but I won’t change the title because that would be more work and I’m very tired.

Have a good night, y’all.

Second Life: End of #Neet-Life – The Second Coming | also: torrent tracker announcement

I’m doing an internship again. This time a bit closer to home, literally and figuratively. The target company in question is in dire need of hotline workers and I can sit at a computer all day and not get bored, so this is perfect for me. The internship started on Monday and will conclude on Friday next week (3/16/18). And I think this time I’ll do all of it and not abort after half of it.

I don’t know that for certain, though, since factors outside of my control (other employees, the boss) could still turn me. But since there are reasonably good chances I’ll get a job after the internship is over, my bank account really hopes that I’ll stick to it.

And if I’d do anything for anyone, it’d be doing this for my bank account. It’s very punished. It got drained dry and then I decided I needed to spent more money. What’s it gonna do, invent a giant shiny money tree to pay for my stupidity? No, no, no. That’d be enabling me, and it’s a good little fella, not an evil enabler.

I think I got a bit off track there.

Anyway, so far so good, the internship is quite interesting up until now. On Monday I was shown most if not all of the tools the hotline people work with, and how they use them. Yesterday I spent all day with one dude trying to figure outfiguring out how to add the newly required checks for the customer’s nagios system. And today I did my first bit of hotline work. And I got to fix up my new torrent tracker, so that’s great as well.

We’ll see what the next 7 days deliver.

If anyone wants to use my tracker to share files, just add udp:// when you create the torrent. It’ll work like a charm. At least it should. Email me at sirconanad [at] cock [dot] li if you’ve got problems. Or email me if you don’t have problems, I’m very lonely, please talk to me.

Sleep Tracking

What’s going on here?
Now, I realise that on the left (Sleep Better) I have 20 minutes more sleep on the counter, but that doesn’t really matter because I wasn’t asleep anymore. I just didn’t want to leave my cozy warm bed. But back to my sleep tracking apps. Sleep As Android (Link) seems to be much better at figuring out how restless I am in bed because there’s no way I just had almost 8 hours of deep sleep. But Sleep Better (Link) isn’t always this bad. I’ve had nights after which it showed me how rough my sleep was. Although, to be fair, it hasn’t been working for the past three days, telling me I didn’t sleep at all. So maybe it just needs more practice and I shouldn’t be so hard on it.