HunieCam Studio: A Great Game for Great People (like me!)

HunieCam Studio is a spin-off game to HuniePop, the amazing visual novel I haven’t played yet but will soon once my neet status is freed again from the tyranny of internship employment. Today, though, I will talk (or rather write) about HunieCam, because I’ve been playing it practically nonstop since yesterday.

(I haven’t actually played it nonstop, I had to sleep and go to the aformentioned internship, but I’ve been playing it in my head and scheming how to best manage my very own cam studio company.)

So in my first try I played with the tutorial on, and got way to greedy way to early. As early as day 5 I had four girls, one costing me $32/hour (HOUR?!), and that let to a spiral of me trying to keep up with the daily payments to the girls. As you can probably tell, I was unsuccessful, and the game shoved it in my face by telling me they made it basically impossible to lose.

So that led to me scheming while sleeping, driving to work, sitting at work, eating lunch at work, training in the gym, until I could finally return home and cook myself dinner, still scheming how I would go about it in my second game.

Then, it happened. I started the game, opened a new save file, closed the tutorial, and

At first I thought I was pretty good. I wasn’t immediately going bankrupt, and I kept it slow with the hiring of new girls. But I quickly (at day 6 or 7) realized that, while technically being good I was to slow now, and would never unlock all 8 slots until day 21. I continued with my two favorite girls, Tiffany and Nikki, until day 10, and then I changed my strategy. I employed more girls (cheap girls, I kept it below $8/hour) and sent them all camming so I could earn more cash so I could then upgrade more things.

At day 16 I noticed I hadn’t bought ads yet, which is a really basic mistake. And in this whole game, I only bought one. I didn’t really have the time for more. Micromanagement is stressful. For the girls and for me. Especially for me if the game tells me at day 20 that I only have two days left! Like I didn’t know that! Like I didn’t notice that I was fucked!

But at least I finished it without losing my job as manager of 7 cute anime girls. In the end I panicked and, wanting to earn as much cash as possible, sent half my girls to the sleezy motel to serve as escorts. Without condoms. Unsurprisingly, all of the returned with STDs. None of them had AIDS, thankfully, but still very bad.

Then the game ended, and my cute boss/narrator told me I was shit, and asked me if I left the game on and left the room. I didn’t get a dick trophy, I had just over 800 fans.

But I have learned much from this loss, and my next game will be better, and the one after that even more so, until I get the perfect score of the Diamond dick trophy!

It will be glorious.


…comes before the fall.
…doesn’t deserve dumbing down.
…is considered a sin by the Catholic church.
I thought it had its own .tld but I appear to be wrong about that.

I am not really proud of anything I’ve done. This is because I haven’t achieved anything that would or should be notable. While I realize that I’m only 23 and not everyone is supposed to be a fucking genius at 23 I can’t help but feel indifferent towards myself, or to see myself as a constant failure that isn’t allowed to crash because stupid dumb parents still apparently care about me.

Why do I have to drive more than 20 kilometers to find a store that sels DrPepper? That is injustice at highest peak right there. I’ve had two cans of this sugary delicious treat and I’d give up coke (the drink, not the plant or product derived from the plant) in a millisecond if I could buy DP as easily as I can find coke. (If someone wants to mail me real coke (the plant, not the drink, feel free to email me and I’ll happily give you my address.)

I like putting my rambling between cute anime girls. It fits to the weeaboo/anime persona I’ve build around myself, and I will continue building it. Until no ladder can be used to overcome it. Maybe a rope.

Second Life: End of #Neet-Life – The Second Coming | also: torrent tracker announcement

I’m doing an internship again. This time a bit closer to home, literally and figuratively. The target company in question is in dire need of hotline workers and I can sit at a computer all day and not get bored, so this is perfect for me. The internship started on Monday and will conclude on Friday next week (3/16/18). And I think this time I’ll do all of it and not abort after half of it.

I don’t know that for certain, though, since factors outside of my control (other employees, the boss) could still turn me. But since there are reasonably good chances I’ll get a job after the internship is over, my bank account really hopes that I’ll stick to it.

And if I’d do anything for anyone, it’d be doing this for my bank account. It’s very punished. It got drained dry and then I decided I needed to spent more money. What’s it gonna do, invent a giant shiny money tree to pay for my stupidity? No, no, no. That’d be enabling me, and it’s a good little fella, not an evil enabler.

I think I got a bit off track there.

Anyway, so far so good, the internship is quite interesting up until now. On Monday I was shown most if not all of the tools the hotline people work with, and how they use them. Yesterday I spent all day with one dude trying to figure outfiguring out how to add the newly required checks for the customer’s nagios system. And today I did my first bit of hotline work. And I got to fix up my new torrent tracker, so that’s great as well.

We’ll see what the next 7 days deliver.

If anyone wants to use my tracker to share files, just add udp:// when you create the torrent. It’ll work like a charm. At least it should. Email me at sirconanad [at] cock [dot] li if you’ve got problems. Or email me if you don’t have problems, I’m very lonely, please talk to me.



Lol, creativity == 0.

Compare these two statements:
I have 19 figures (anime-themed) unopened in mint condition in my room right now. They probably worth at least 500 bucks, maybe even ~750.

My bank account is in the red. I'm not selling/trying to sell the figures.

Please help me figure out my life.