I don’t know how I missed Shirobako until now.
Well, I didn’t miss it. I knew it existed. I even read a blog post by Peter Payne of J-List fame about it.
But until now I hadn’t even planned to watch it.

But fear not! For I am doing that right now!

Sometimes my mpv doesn’t seem to be reading the files correctly and so I miss out on the awesome opening karaoke effects, and can’t sing along (because the words are unreadable), but it’s still better than any other video player.

I wonder, though, how accurate Shirobako actually is. You gotta imagine it’s somewhat accurate. Why would they purposefully lie about it? But it’s not just grim. It’s also filled with great characters with lots of hope and love for their work.

Donut-Girl is best girl.

Animation go!
This is where my heart belongs!
Animation go!