Sleep Tracking

What’s going on here?
Now, I realise that on the left (Sleep Better) I have 20 minutes more sleep on the counter, but that doesn’t really matter because I wasn’t asleep anymore. I just didn’t want to leave my cozy warm bed. But back to my sleep tracking apps. Sleep As Android (Link) seems to be much better at figuring out how restless I am in bed because there’s no way I just had almost 8 hours of deep sleep. But Sleep Better (Link) isn’t always this bad. I’ve had nights after which it showed me how rough my sleep was. Although, to be fair, it hasn’t been working for the past three days, telling me I didn’t sleep at all. So maybe it just needs more practice and I shouldn’t be so hard on it.

Gym schedule

Up until April 24th, 2017, I used to go to the gym Monday/Wednesday/Friday every week. I didn’t get buff or especially fit, but it was enough so I wasn’t out of breath after climbing two flights of stairs up to my apartment.

Then I stopped. I don’t remember why. My go-to excuse is that preparation for the final exam at vocational school as well as preparation for the project paper I had to write and presentation about said project I had to give was exhausting that I couldn’t make it to the gym anymore.

But that’s not what happened. Vocational school, or at least what I took from it (/how invested I was in it), was a joke. I didn’t really prepare for it, and while I did pass, I just barely passed with as little effort as possible. And I didn’t put in much effort into the project paper, either. I wrote it during the last three possible days I had left until the deadline, copying every clever wording I could find.

So why did I stop going? It’s not because I suddenly lost interest, or because there were people there that made me uncomfortable. No. As best as I can remember, (and my memory never was the best, I barely know what I ate last week) I missed one day, one day where I didn’t go when I really should have, and then I was like: well, now it doesn’t matter anymore if I go or not. And that led to me not going for nearly a whole year, losing everything I had worked for (in the gym) in the two years prior, and on top of that also gaining 15kg (that’s 33 pounds for my American friends).

So now I’m going again. And I’ll try to stick to my self-imposed three-days-a-week schedule, because that’s how I (seem to work) best under.

We’ll see how it works out.

No comments.

I (effectively) closed the comment section. I did this because I don’t want to have to deal with spam (even though I have Akismet for that, but I still have to look at what Akismet classifies as spam) and I don’t want to have to decide what I’m gonna allow and what I’m gonna block. I also feel that this would reveal too much of what I find funny and/or offensive and I don’t want to have to deal with it.

This is my way to scream into the void. This is a nonsense, bullshit-only zone. I don’t need comments on that.

Today I Sketched

I don’t know if that’s the right word, but today I sketched out my dream apartment (the rooms arrangement and everything). I didn’t accomplish much else today, so this is what I’m writing about.

Actually, now that I drew it again using a pencil and a ruler to make it look like I tried at least a little bit I realize I actually just decided how big I want the rooms to be and how I want them arranged.

But that’s good enough for me.

The bedroom: this is the biggest one because both my bed and my desk have to fit into it
The kitchen: I only need a rudimentary kitchen. this is bigger than my current one, though
The bathroom/storage: originally the bathroom was supposed to be as big as the kitchen but as I was re-doing it with pencil I realized doing it like this would be better for the storage room, since 2×2 is nicer than 1×4
The hallway: nothing to say about it really, other than that it connects all other rooms

maybe I’ll try and build this in 3D if I feel like it


Think less,
Verify nothing.

There once was a boy.
He was a little bit weird.
Broke and lonely too.
~schmelle, 2018

Mobile Posting like a QT

I am doing something that years ago wasn’t possible and nowadays is considered boring and lame.

I wrote this post on my phone. It’s not as bad as it sounds. First I had to log into my web keepass interface and copy the password (who am I that I should remember passwords?) for WordPress, then I had to go to my blog and find the “Login” link and finally I am writing wrote this post.

Luckily WordPress is pretty user-friendly, otherwise I don’t think I’d be doing this right now.

Did I mention already that I like Zettai Ryƍiki?

End of #Neet-Life: Part 5 – Beloved Memories of Printers Passed

It’s over.

You have no idea how relieved I am I can finally write these two simple words.

Not that it was too hard. I wasn’t really challenged any of the previous five days vacuuming in and around printers, using spiritus to clean them (and occasionally sniff on it) and collect all the paper my colleague used up and/or filled out and carry it around. This is another thing I did all the time. Carrying heavy equipment and saving my colleague time, pain, patience, money and nerves.

Looking back my initial feeling of “I don’t want to do this” was absolutely justified. I didn’t come around to love printers. I got to enjoy the time spent with my (now former) colleagues, they were a crazy and funny bunch of guys, but I didn’t enjoy any of the juicy work bits. Which my colleague pointed out may have been due to the fact that we mostly took quick repair jobs, and that there weren’t any opportunities to dig into a device for six hours to find the one little moving part that’s causing the problem. Which sounds awesome to me, to be honest, but this week at least it couldn’t have been really good because I wouldn’t have been the one to do the digging. And considering I know jack shit about industrially used printers I wouldn’t have been the one digging deep into the insides of dirty, perverted printers for at least a couple of months.

So I said goodbye to all the lovely people at the company, most of them in person, even. (Not the boss, though, he wasn’t present when I left. Even though he said to me in a phone call that he wanted to talk to me before I left. (…) Look, I don’t know.) Then I drove to McDonalds, ate a huge meal consisting of 20 Chicken McNuggets, a big bag of fries and a large coke. And after that I went to the gym. That had no relation to McDonalds, however.

Next week will be pretty easy going, I only have on appointment one Wednesday because my new car needs fixing again, but other than that I’m free as a bird.

See you soon, I guess.!

PS: Yes, I know this should have come out sooner, but I needed my time to write something that’s not utter and complete bullshit, so please bear with me on this one.