My new camera (soon) (TM)

I need a new camera again.
My first camera was a small analog camera. 36 or 38 pictures per film.
My second camera was a small digital camera. I think it took sd cards up to 4 GB. I don’t remember the maximum image size. I should ask my mom, I think she still has it.
My third camera was a Nikon P7000. And thus my love for Nikon began.
My fourth camera was a Nikon D3200. My first DSLR. I like DSLRs, and would like to return to them eventually, but I think my sixth camera has to be the following:

Nikon P7800 (Link)

This is the last model of the P series, which Nikon sadly discontinued. I also thought about getting the P7000 again, since you can get it used for about 100€ (whereas the P7800 starts at 500€) but I feel that technical improvements are probably worth it getting the newer model.

I’ll make a new blog post once I actually get the thing, with terrible pictures of the beautiful camera done on my horrible Chinese smartphone.