Glorious Neet-Life

Today I went to bed at 5am. I slept for six hours and got up at 11am. Without even feeling the hour we lost because of DST. Then I made myself some toast with peanut butter.

Then nine hours passed while I sat in my underpants in front of my pc doing nothing, absolutely nothing, of worth for myself or anyone else.

And just now I ate another two toasts, with liver sausage, which tasted great. I’m gonna have more of that. I need it because tomorrow will be tough.

First, I gotta be up and about before 11am because that’s when I have a meeting scheduled with people that will look at my car and try to fix it. Then I gotta go to my ex-eye-doctor and ask for all the documents they have on me, so I can show them to my new-eye-doctor. And in the afternoon a company will call me up for a phone interview so I have to be ready for that as well. Plus the company where I did that two-week internship also will probs call tomorrow and tell me if they want me or not. Which I’m not really sure if I would take it because they had issues, but a job’s a job. Or rather, money is money.

We’ll see.

Can’t someone just give me lots of money that I could spent over the next 50 years? I promise I’ll keep up my current lifestyle which will make me die at 30, 35 max, so it’s not really a longterm investment.

I’d do (almost) anything to make that dream come true.