Firefox , Favorites and Bookmarks

I am a devoted Firefox user. As a taboholic and Linux person, I virtually have no choice.

Internet Explorer and Edge don’t come on linux, and if they do I wouldn’t want them. They’re garbage browsers that only grabbed hold because of Microsoft’s monopolistic position in the market.

Google Chrome is a relatively good browser. One that I have installed only to watch camgirls all around the world, but mostly from America. Not because I don’t like other countries, but because I just love the US (and Canada) that extra bit more. (Certainly enough to spend money on women thousands of kilometers away, and who don’t understand how long a kilometer is.)

Sidenote: I’ve been getting better at this. During my apprenticeship, if I didn’t blow my wage on figures in a month, I’d blew it on one or two camgirls I fancied at the time. I don’t do that anymore, even though now I could “invest” more money! Nowadays I only go to the site to get a quick, free fap and then, once every 3-4 months, to spend a couple of hundred dollars on one girl who smiled at me through the camera the best.

But Google Chrome fails in two ways: One, it is primarily developed by Google, the ad company tracking you, and two, its behaviour with lots and lots of tabs. It just shrinks them down until you can’t read them anymore. And that’s no fun.

Chromium is the open source project Google Chrome is based on. (Or was it the other way around? I forget.) As such it has all of the problems GC has but sometimes it breaks because the Google polish is missing. Then again I haven’t used it in years, so maybe it’s gotten better.

But I use Firefox. On linux. And Windows, if I ever have to use Windows. My set-up is fairly straightforward (I think):

No. 1 add-on/plugin: Tree Style Tabs
Especially since Firefox Quantum killed tabs TST (plus a custom userChrome.css) is the only way to enjoy browsing the internet. The tree-like structure focuses your very important work of categorizing 100 different Pornhub YouTube channels. You can make the TST sidebar as wide or narrow as you need it, making reading the title of the tab very pleasurable. And you can set it to only load tabs once you click on them/open them. Genius plugin.

No. 2: No Script
Speaks for itself. Nothing loads in my browser unless I want it to.

No. 2.5: ┬ÁBlock Origin
Better be safe than sorry.

No. 3: HTTPS Everywhere
While it’s not really needed anymore it’s still good to have.

No. 4: Rikaichan
This shows you explanations to Japanese characters if you hover over them, and even gives crude translation tips. Very good supportive tool if you’re planning on learning Japanese. I think. I’m not that far yet.

No. 5: Netflix Tweaked
This is a mod to the Netflix website. It’ll put your list and what your currently watching at the top, and mute any trailers that Netflix thinks it should play without asking. Really, who at Netflix thought playing audio automatically would be a good idea? Was it you, Reed Hastings?

No. 6: Tab Counter
It just displays how many tabs you’ve got open. Nothing more, nothing less. Useful to know for insanity’s sake.

No. 7: Cookie Quick Manager
I used to have the Advanced Cookie Manager installed, which is still superior, but sadly it doesn’t work with Quantum, and so I had to move on. I primarily use this to save my E-Hentai login every few months because I’ve forgotten where I put the cookie file for ExHentai. It’s pretty cool.

Before Firefox Quantum I used to have two sidebars: One for TST and one for my bookmarks. For a short while I had one sidebar at either side of the monitor, but that looked reilly stupid and it also broke most websites. So I settled on a comfy solution. Both sidebars on the left, first the bookmarks sidebar and then the TST sidebar. In Firefox Quantum this doesn’t work. You can either have TST open, or the bookmarks. And once you close one the other doesn’t come back. So say you start FF with TST enabled, then after an hour you switch to the bookmarks, and after digging around a while you close them. Now you’re left with no tabs! Sure, this is only a problem for me and the subset of people who remove the original tab bar with a custom userChrome.css file and so, with TST disabled, can’t see their tabs anymore, but it sucks nonetheless. And because I don’t want to hit F1 every time I dig around in bookmarks like a fucking moron I resorted to using the bookmarks toolbar again.

Now toolbars are a bad thing. But the bookmarks toolbar is damn useful. Depending on how long or short you can make the name of your bookmark directories you can fit a lot of directories into the bookmarks bar with them still being onscreen (I have a full HD monitor). And selecting your bookmarks from up top instead of the side is actually pretty intuitive. Some UI or UX designer thought about it before it was implemented.

So there you have it. This is my browsing environment. Where I spend 99.3% of my day. Enjoy it.