End of #NEET-Life?

Today I started a two-week internship (unpaid, huzzah!) at an office supply distributor and service company. My responsibilities included sitting in my co-workers car, carring a portable vacuum cleaner, lifting printers and transporting documents. Oh, and one time I was sent to get my co-workers phone from the car.

Terribly exciting stuff. I don’t know if I have any future in this business, though. It’s not that I’m not interested in (printer) technology and fixing (computer) hardware with my actual, 3D, real-life hands. But at this company there’s too much driving around and standing in rooms that make me uncomfortable, and way too much standing up. I miss my old office job already. I missed my comfy little #neet cave.

Also too much windows, too much windows 10, and too many unstoppable windows 10 updates when we didn’t need them.

I have nine days to go. Wish me luck.