End of #Neet-Life – Part 2: The Awakening

(The second day was still boring.)
Not as boring as yesterday, although that may be in part because today I actually got to sleep at night, and woke up rested and fit. (Not totally rested and absolutely not fit, but you get the idea.) We worked on more printers today, in multiple locations, with the usual amount of clueless normalfags being dumb and stupid being normalfags. At one location I sighted a cute, pretty girl so the day wasn’t a complete waste. Would have taken pictures if I was able to act stealthily.

In other news, tomorrow I got another job interview. This might finally work out and hopefully be more interesting.

Please continue to wish me luck.

Also please let this government form on the one condition that they make universal basic income a reality. I need more #neetbux.