End of #Neet-Life: Part 5 – Beloved Memories of Printers Passed

It’s over.

You have no idea how relieved I am I can finally write these two simple words.

Not that it was too hard. I wasn’t really challenged any of the previous five days vacuuming in and around printers, using spiritus to clean them (and occasionally sniff on it) and collect all the paper my colleague used up and/or filled out and carry it around. This is another thing I did all the time. Carrying heavy equipment and saving my colleague time, pain, patience, money and nerves.

Looking back my initial feeling of “I don’t want to do this” was absolutely justified. I didn’t come around to love printers. I got to enjoy the time spent with my (now former) colleagues, they were a crazy and funny bunch of guys, but I didn’t enjoy any of the juicy work bits. Which my colleague pointed out may have been due to the fact that we mostly took quick repair jobs, and that there weren’t any opportunities to dig into a device for six hours to find the one little moving part that’s causing the problem. Which sounds awesome to me, to be honest, but this week at least it couldn’t have been really good because I wouldn’t have been the one to do the digging. And considering I know jack shit about industrially used printers I wouldn’t have been the one digging deep into the insides of dirty, perverted printers for at least a couple of months.

So I said goodbye to all the lovely people at the company, most of them in person, even. (Not the boss, though, he wasn’t present when I left. Even though he said to me in a phone call that he wanted to talk to me before I left. (…) Look, I don’t know.) Then I drove to McDonalds, ate a huge meal consisting of 20 Chicken McNuggets, a big bag of fries and a large coke. And after that I went to the gym. That had no relation to McDonalds, however.

Next week will be pretty easy going, I only have on appointment one Wednesday because my new car needs fixing again, but other than that I’m free as a bird.

See you soon, I guess.!

PS: Yes, I know this should have come out sooner, but I needed my time to write something that’s not utter and complete bullshit, so please bear with me on this one.