End of #Neet-Life? (Part FOUR) It’s almost over, THANK JIM STERLING!

4 days in, 1 day left
That’s right, I’m only doing half the internship because printers can’t officially suck my dick because only awesome things can suck my dick. Like Japanese onaholes, which I’m gonna get en masse if the other internship following this nightmare whatever this was.

Now, I’m not quitting because I didn’t like the company. The company was fine. The dude who took me to customers and showed me how he repairs fucking printers was fine. The other dude I was with also was okay. But the printers, man… the printers just took all the fun out of it. Also, it’s way too much driving around. I like helping people with IT problems, but I prefer to do it over the phone or email. Not that I don’t like getting my hands dirty, I’ll dig into any old computer/printer/server/whathaveyou I can get, but I wasn’t allowed to do that and also there’s always a clock ticking because customers NEED THEIR PRECIOUS PRINTERS NOW and you can’t accidentally break it and get away with it. Just like that one time where I broke my boss’ network and took the whole company offline for 90 minutes, that didn’t have any consequences at all, no sir, no, I’m just only doing helpdesk now until forever because I feel like it.

Sorry, I lost it there somewhat.

Tomorrow is my last day, and even though it’s definitely not a job for me it’s still kinda sad because I had at least something meaningfull to do with my time. Oh well.