January Order @ Hobby Search or How I stopped worrying and love the credit card.

Figure Title Series MFC Link Order Date Shipping Date
Utsugi Sari Original Character – Skytube Link 2019.05.21 2020.01.04
Yakyuu Musume Original Character – Skytube – Link 2019.04.28 2020.01.04
Takarada Rikka – Figma #440 SSSS.Gridman Link 2019.06.12 2020.01.04
Nakiri Erina Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars Link 2019.06.18 2020.01.04

As you can see from the above table I did preorder an awful amount of figures (for someone with my income) for January 2020. To be fair, honest and in my defense, some of these were originally meant to be released in November and December of 2019, respectively, but were delayed 1 and 2 months.

I love all of these. Especially the baseball girl, yakyuu musume. Love her. Utsugi is also great. Rikka is just being Rikka. I haven’t seen Food Wars yet.

Maybe given that the original release date for all these figures was in December actually I should change the post name but they were charged and got shipped in January, so. Don’t hold it against me.