A lazy man’s eco friendly vehicle

I have experienced childlike joy today.

I drove around on my beautiful scooter and smiled and laughed, it was so good.

Forgetting the daily misery of life fir just a few blissful hours, riding my scooter. Challenging pedestrians, bikers, cars and law enforcement. Crossing traffic lights while they’re still red, breaking the speed limit, ignoring signs that tell you you’re not supposed to be here.

For just a couple of hours, everything was fine.

For just a couple of hours I was with people other than myself or other than my colleagues at work. Now don’t get me wrong I love those guys. But I only see them there. This was not that.

I am delighted that I was still able to feel like this, still able to express myself in these simple terms. These past few, misery years had almost led me to believe that my inner child was dead, had died, had been murdered.

By whom? That’s a good question. By me, my isolation, my previous, soul killing employment, by my bosses stressing me and my colleagues and ignoring our cries for help.

But it’s not dead yet. I still have it.

This afternoon was nostalgic. In a good way. In a wholesome way.

I pray, no I hope that I will soon have more like it.